b. 1986, HK.

Vincent Friedewald is an executive, attorney, and entrepreneur living in Austin, Texas. He currently serves as CEO of No. 4 St. James, a consumer brand that designs and develops products inspired by Texas. 

There's a saying, Jack of all trades, but master of none. Vincent's professional career belies this idea.

As a science writer, he ghost-authored publications for some of the world's leading opinion leaders in medicine, including physicians from Harvard Medical School, Columbia University, and the National Institutes of Health. After serving as a law review editor and graduating cum laude from law school, Vincent worked as an Associate attorney in one of Texas's top law firms, assisting in litigation defending Fortune 500 companies. And as the founder and executive for a health and human services corporation, he oversaw $16m+ in support contacts, earning multi-year perfect audits and a national award for excellence in social services administration. 

But it's his career building consumer brands and products that makes him most proud. Vincent is not a craftsman, builder, artist, or fabricator. "I can't make, so I create," is the way he explains it. He has a remarkable eye for talent, particularly when it comes to design aesthetic. He scouts Texas and beyond for people with remarkable abilities, preferring to find undiscovered professionals and even mere hobbyists to help bring his ideas to life.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Vincent spent his early childhood in Hawaii, made stops along the way in New York City and London, but has always called Texas his home. Today he lives in Austin, Texas with his dog Diego.